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Coaching Newsletter - Volume 10

By: Jon Tarkington  September 25, 2023

This is a time when our program starts to see more interest from our coaches. There is some key info in the sections that follow and the following issues this fall and winter will contain details on changes to the program moving forward.

Up for this month is the first pillar of the evolving coaching program. Participants will learn and develop a practical, grounded knowledge of coaching, Psychology and Exercise physiology. This sounds pretty basic and it's designed to be that way. Knowing the details of any of those three areas is only useful if coach can practically apply that knowledge to their craft. The program intends to provide the fundamentals and encourage continued learning beyond the curriculum in these areas. This continued learning can be in the form of trustworthy content from sources like Fast Talk Labs, peer-reviewed research, outside certifications or even advanced education degrees.

This pillar is the foundation piece for coaches to grow from. The remaining pillars help guide and support coaches in their continuous journey and build on this foundation.

October Clinics - Bentonville

Registration is open with more details!! This will be your last chance to level up your skillset until 2024, so come check out Bentonville!

The Thaden School in Bentonville will be hosting our clinics. Bikes are highly encouraged for transportation and a group ride or two. Look for a dedicated e-mail with hotel info and a reminder to register shortly!

Don't miss this chance to experience our significantly updated Level 2 curriculum as well as some changes and additions to Level 1.

Save the Date: 2024 Endurance Exchange

The USA Cycling Coaching Program is in the final stages of partnering with USA Triathlon on the 2024 Endurance Exchange! This is more than just a conference; it’s a community-driven platform that fosters collaboration, innovation, and inspiration. Look for more details, including schedule and registration, coming in early October.

Mentor Training

In October, USA Cycling's Mentor Training will launch along with a revised learning management system. This online training is not a coaching certification but rather an initial step for experienced USA racing members to get resources that will help them mentor others. It will also serve as a pool to to attract new coaches from. Finally, the training is geared to help junior development programs get easy access to key elements they need when onboarding apprentice coaches or ride leaders.

The training involves a sport integrity section that encompasses SafeSport, background checks, and TrueSport modules on supplements and energy drinks. The second section provides info on USA Cycling and an excellent introductory module from the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Look for links in the next Coaches Corner!

Coach of the Year - Closing Soon!

Coach of The Year - Nominate NOW!

Every year, USA Cycling recognizes excellence in our coaching ranks. We have several categories that are in line with the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s Coach of the Year awards.

  • Elite Coach of the Year

    • Coach of a national-level team, or the coach of an elite athlete who competes at the highest level of their sport

  • Junior Coach of the Year

    • Coach at the youth club, high school or junior level, or a coach directly responsible for training athletes to reach the junior and/or elite level

  • College Coach of the Year

    • Coach affiliated with a Collegiate cycling program

  • Development Coach of the Year

    • Coach who aggressively grows the sport through bringing in new athletes and helping them develop a life-long, healthy love of competitive cycling

  • Volunteer Coach of the Year

    • Coach who does not receive payment in any form for their involvement in coaching at any level

Coaches who are awarded this recognition have been selected from a pool of highly qualified nominations based on:

  • Their impact on the sport

  • Their impact on their athletes

  • The strength and depth of their nominations

The 2023 Coach of the Year Nominations are currently open. The nomination window will close on September 30th.

Please carefully review the nomination form and consider your answers before submitting. Multiple USA Cycling members are encouraged to work together on a single nomination for a coach.

Fast Talk Labs - Season Plan for Masters Cyclist Who Wants to Podium

‘Tis the season for dreaming big and making plans for 2024. In this story from The Craft of Coaching, Coach Trevor Connor presents the season plan he created for Cynthia, a female master athlete based in Colorado. Connor's plan includes the training details for the final weeks leading up to Nationals.

Renewal Season is Coming!

A few reminders as we head into the fall and a new addition:

  • License purchase is valid for 12 months

  • Current SafeSport Training and Background check is required at all times, including renewal

    • Licenses in a "pending" state are not valid

  • You can find all of this in your USA Cycling Account

    • SafeSport and Background check info can be found under the "Membership" tab

    • License info can be found under the "License" tab

  • Auto-Renewal should be available for coaching license purchases in November!

    • You will have the OPTION to have your card on file automatically charged when your license is set to expire.

    • This means you only need to focus attention on SafeSport training, Background Check, and any other recommended education options in order to stay current with your license.