Investing in the performance and character of U.S. athletes to lead the world in cyclocross.

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The MudFund

Providing year-round support to elevate American athletes to the highest level of cyclocross.

The MudFund is defined by a culture of excellence and is dedicated to inspire integrity, purpose and leadership qualities within athletes. The core programming includes international racing opportunities, domestic skills camps and holistic athlete coaching and services.

Cyclocross is an accessible entry point into bike racing for many riders, and it is instrumental in developing technical, physiological and mental skills which translate across all disciplines in cycling. These skills are critical to the success of any athlete’s journey, positioning cyclocross as one of the key disciplines for growing competitive cycling in the USA.

Program Details


Jesse Anthony talks more about how the MudFund helps American cyclocross athletes, then we get to meet those athletes, like National Champions Clara Honsinger & Gage Hecht, that have had invaluable experiences because of the support from the MudFund.


The MudFund had a major impact on the athletes that attended the 2021-22 European CX Racing Trip.

Application of Funds

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    USA Cycling Cyclocross National Team

    The National Team is a selection of the most competitive cyclocross racers in the U.S. The MudFund provides Direct Athlete Support, international competition opportunities, and professional development mentorship to the National Team. From domestic training camps to racing at the World Championships, the pinnacle event in the sport of cyclocross, USA Cycling is committed to supporting the top athletes in the U.S. to compete and win at the highest level. The MudFund provides the pathway for these athletes to achieve this level of performance, and ultimately lead from the front of World-class competition.

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    USA Cycling Development Program

    Athlete development is at the core of the MudFund’s mission, and the majority of our investment goes toward international racing opportunities, skills camps and holistic athlete education. Supporting the growth of both performance and character is key to the long-term success of our athletes and their impact on the world around them. That is why the MudFund will always strive to provide the best platform for these athletes to pursue their potential.

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    Domestic Olympic Development Camps

    Formerly known as the Talent ID Camps, the Olympic Development Camps will create new opportunities for young athletes to improve their skill sets, engage with their peers and progress in the development pipeline. Although cyclocross is not an Olympic sport, the skills learned through these camps translates across all disciplines in cycling.

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    Center of Excellence and Regional Club Support

    Many clubs already have established cyclocross programming, and we recognize those dedicated cyclocross development programs already in existence. The USA Cycling Foundation provides Center of Excellence grants to further the impact of these clubs and their efforts in cultivating participation in the sport.

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    USA Cycling Cyclocross Director Position

    The MudFund supported USA Cycling to hire our first National Cyclocross Director, Jesse Anthony. Jesse is a former professional cyclist and 7-time CX National Champion who has first-hand experience competing at a high level. The Cyclocross Director leads all initiatives regarding athletic and personal development along with greater community initiatives that support the growth of cyclocross here in the United States. "The MudFund-supported Cyclocross program is instrumental for U.S. Cyclocross athletes to further their journeys and increase their impact in the sport of cyclocross and beyond," said Anthony.

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